The Building Blocks for Success

By adding Huddle's solutions to your service offering, you can build the efficiency and security necessary for your customers to scale to their businesses.

Better yet? Our services are highly profitable and they generate a tremendous amount of pull-through revenue. For example, for every dollar spent on a Comprehensive Network Security Assessment, your organization can realize $3-7 of additional project work.

Brand Visibility Assessment (BVA)

Internet World

Brand Visibility Assessments (BVA) ensure that only the information and systems needed for the customer's business are exposed to the Internet. Without assistance from your customer, we enumerate all identifiable Internet-facing sites, applications, networks and systems, characterizing the customer's cyber-attack surface.

This also includes forums, the dark web, and IRC searches, looking for revealing or nefarious chatter about the their systems and networks. The recommendations provided to minimize cyber-attack surfaces can be a significant source of new project work for your company. Learn More

Comprehensive Network Security Assessment

Access Denied Shield

CNSA is a comprehensive security assessment of the customer's technology environment. This assessment includes: an internal and external vulnerability assessment, manual validation and penetration testing of internal and externally facing networks, systems, sites and applications from a threat actor’s perspective, identification, manual validation and exploitation of vulnerabilities. We provide actionable remediation recommendations for improved security, which can represent significant revenue for your organization. Learn More

Credential Assessment (CA)

Forgot Password

In a day where at least 60% of passwords used in companies do not satisfy minimum security requirements, the number one risk of any IT security architecture, no matter how thorough and extensive, is the human factor. We conduct Credential Assessments to help enterprises understand the risks and weaknesses of their passwords with clear indication of area of improvement before bad incidents happen. This Assessment can result in project work to implement two-factor authentication, password management software, and cybersecurity training and employee testing. Learn More

Managed CNSA (Comprehensive Network Security Assessment)

High Alert

Delivered as a managed service add-on to our CNSA service, this service includes regular internal and external vulnerability assessments, and manual validation and penetration testing of internal and externally facing networks, systems, sites and applications from a threat actor’s perspective. It also includes identification, manual validation and exploitation of vulnerabilities, along with ongoing remediation recommendations that your organization can tackle.

Note: CNSA must be performed first and this managed service is billed monthly. If a customer agrees to managed CNSA as part of the initial engagement, we offer a discount. Learn More

Microsoft Zero Trust Integration

Zero Trust

Microsoft's approach to security can be summed up with two words: “Zero Trust." At Huddle, we embrace the "always verify" approach to our own systems and we strongly recommend it to our partners and their customers. Leverage our expertise to implement continual verification of identities, services, and devices. Pull-through revenue opportunities abound as your customer centralizes on Microsoft identity and begins their journey to modern workplace. Learn More

Practical Exposure Assessment (External)

Key Entry

This service provides real world attack simulations to produce a point in-time review of vulnerabilities and threats to your customer's environment. Leveraging industry best practices, tactics, techniques and procedures, we deploy a unified threat scenario to examine the resiliency and effectiveness of their security operations, policies and defenses. The customer's operational resilience is assessed in a holistic manner by combining numerous testing approaches into comprehensive engagements, with the goal of finding and accessing their most critical digital assets. Once security gaps have been pinpointed, your organization can propose project work to remediate. Learn More

Ranked Risk Assessment (External)

Ranked Risk

Ranked Risk Assessment identifies and provides a risk rating on the exposures present within your customer's systems and network. Our assessment discovers but is not limited to the identification of system misconfigurations, missing patches, known exploits, out of date or unsupported software and exposed services. The information provided from this assessment can be used to build remediation plans to fully eliminate the identified risk or reduce the customer's risk exposure to an acceptable level. Learn More

Real Alignment

Web Design

Huddle offers Real Alignment to enhance your customers' digital presence and assets. We produce beautiful, informative, and brand-consistent websites, presentations, marketing collateral, social media graphics, and templates. By selling Managed Real Alignment services, our partners receive recurring revenue. Learn More